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Yêu, Sinh Tử & Người Máy 2 - Love, Death And Robots Season 2
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Season 2

S2, Ep1
14 May 2021
Automated Customer Service
6.5 (7,790)
Some senior citizens are lucky enough to enjoy their golden years in tomorrow's high-tech, assisted living communities. They pursue relaxation, their every need taken care of - until their robotic servants decide to kill them.
S2, Ep2
14 May 2021
6.1 (7,385)
In a future where many humans are enhanced with extraordinary strength and endurance, the "unmodded" feel left behind. This class-conflict drives a rift between two brothers that puts their lives at risk during a dangerous race.
S2, Ep3
14 May 2021
Pop Squad
8.1 (8,459)
In a future where resources are controlled by the rich, "unregistered offspring" are forbidden by the state. A police officer charged with enforcing population control faces a crisis of conscience.
S2, Ep4
14 May 2021
Snow in the Desert
7.9 (7,577)
On an arid, scorched planet at the edge of galactic civilization, an ageless albino named "Snow" is hunted by an assortment of hired killers. But after a beautiful stranger named Hirald saves his life, she reveals her own plans for him.
S2, Ep5
14 May 2021
The Tall Grass
7.0 (6,658)
When a train makes an unscheduled stop in the middle of nowhere, a lone traveler is lured into the surrounding fields by ethereal lights. But his curiosity may prove deadly when he discovers the hellish source of the illumination.
S2, Ep6
14 May 2021
All Through the House
7.4 (6,802)
On Christmas Eve, a young girl and her little brother lie awake. When a jingle of bells announces Saint Nick's arrival they sneak downstairs hoping to catch a glimpse of the mythical gift-giver - but find something unexpected.
S2, Ep7
14 May 2021
Life Hutch
6.6 (6,228)
When his ship is damaged in battle, a combat pilot crash-lands on a desolate planet. Fortunately there's an automated shelter on the surface he can take refuge in until rescue arrives - if he can survive that long.
S2, Ep8
14 May 2021
The Drowned Giant
7.0 (6,535)
When a two hundred foot tall naked body washes ashore outside a small fishing village, crowds gather to witness the spectacle. A local scientist documents the leviathan's surrender to nature.

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